Altis Instant

Altis Instant  Software

Altis Instant is a powerful software for instant approval designed for financial institutions

Altis Instant is a powerful instant approval software product specifically designed for financial institutions that offer various financial products including personal finance, credit cards, auto lease, and home loans. Our software is equipped with a highly sophisticated credit policy engine that allows financial institutions to manage and enforce their credit policies with ease.

With Altis Instant, financial institutions can seamlessly integrate with various external web services to collect crucial customer details and credit history reports in real-time. Our software uses advanced algorithms to assess creditworthiness and instantly provide customer application approval decisions to institutions, thereby improving the overall customer experience while also reducing the risk.

Furthermore, Altis Instant is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each financial institution. It can easily integrate with existing systems and workflows, providing a seamless and efficient lending process. With Altis Instant, financial institutions can streamline their lending operations, enforce their credit policies, and provide instant approval decisions to their customers, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Altis Instant - Core Features

  • Simplified setup of Policy Framework
  • Parameterized credit policy enforcement
  • Credit Report (Simah) Analysis
  • Automated DBR Calculation
  • Credit worthiness analysis
  • Delinquency Analysis
  • Write-Off Analysis
  • Enquiry History Check
  • Setting Min and Max Limit
  • Monthly Expense Calculation
  • Credit Affordability Analysis
  • Multi point Scoring
  • Campaigns
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